How much does this cost?

The OneSpare program is completely free for experience providers. You’ll never pay us any fees, membership charges or commissions. We work for the charities to make it easy for them to promote your business and easy for them to sell the experiences that you post. The charities pay us a portion of all of the extra money that we help them raise.

Can this handle all the donation requests that I get?

Yes. Each participating business receives a custom “Request Donation” URL. Place a link on your website, and you're all set! You’ll save time and know that your charity requests are going to deliver meaningful promotion AND incremental revenue for you!

How does this work for nonprofits?

Black tie gala organizers create accounts at Once we verify their 501(c) IRS status, they can choose experiences to promote at their fundraiser. We give them access to all of the promotional materials that you post (logo, description, photos, video, etc) as well as a nice promotional flyer that you can view in your dashboard. The winning bidder receives a secure link (URL) to print the certificate and contacts you to redeem it.

Who has access to the experiences that we post?

Our system verifies that all nonprofits (charities) have a valid 501(c) status from the IRS as part of their account setup, so you never have to worry about fraudulent requests. Plus, you can easily set certificates up so that only certain nonprofits can access them. Bottom line, you are in full control!

Who prints the certificate and when?

The actual certificate is only printed when our system verifies that it generated a donation for the charity. This way, you can be 100% sure that the event organizer can only use the certificate as you intended (to help their cause).

How do you prevent a certificate from being used more than once?

Each certificate includes a unique ID number and an expiration date. Simply sign in to mark a certificate as redeemed (this prevents anyone using it again).

If my bank of certificates runs out, how do I add more?

Sign In and you’ll see a running total of your certificates (your "bank") and a list of nonprofits promoting them. It’s easy to manually add more at any time by clicking the “Add some now” button. In addition, half of your yearly allocation is automatically added every six months. You can easily change your yearly allocation.

How long will it take to set up?

Getting started takes less than 10 minutes. We’ll set you up with a free account and we’re happy to do a demonstration for you to show you your custom dashboard that we’ll create for you for free.

How can I contact you directly?

We'd love to hear from you! You may call us directly toll free at (877) 219-0916 or email